Get financing
for your goals
Want to buy an asset or invest in your business?
We've got a loan of up to Kes. 5 million.

What is Tamba Imara Loan?

Are you employed by a corporate company, an institution or an NGO and would like to buy an asset, land, vehicle or invest in your business? Are you wondering how to access credit and yet your company does not have an agreement with Faulu to advance loans to the staff of your company?

No need to worry! Access Tamba Imara loan of up to 5 Million with your payslip.
What's in it for you?
  • Repayment period of up to 84 months*
  • Free Last Expense Coverfor the borrower
  • Financing of the asset or property up to 100%
  • Swift loan processing of within 24 hours subject to security perfection and approval
Tamba Imara Loan
What do I need to access the loan?
  • Provide us with the current three months consecutive pay slip (certified by employer)
  • Copy of employment contract or appointment letter
  • You must retain 1/3 of the pay after all deductions
Tamba Imara Loan
Want to know more about Tamba Imara Loan?We've answered some frequently asked questions.
    • Monthly check-off by the Corporate
    • Two Guarantors who must be from the same employer (if pay point is not with Faulu)
    • Net income after loan deduction must not be less than 1/3 of total net income