Accidents happen!Get Personal Accident cover for
when the unexpected happens.

What is Personal Accidents Cover?

Worried about what may happen to you in case of injury or death? Enjoy life peaceably with the Faulu Personal Accident insurance.
What's in it for you?
  • Faulu Personal Accident Cover is 24-hour insurance that covers you in the event of injury or death as a result of an accident
  • We cover permanent disability as a result of the accident (the extent of disability will be determined by the doctor)
  • We will make a cash payment up to the provided limit, upon admission to the hospital
Personal Accident cover
How does it work?

This policy is designed to cover accidental death or bodily injury to the insured. These policy benefits are paid in case of death, disability, medical expenses and funeral expenses as a result of an accident.

Personal Accident cover
Want to know more about Personal Accident Cover?We've answered a question you might have about the cover.

    The policy is suitable for individuals, families and groups.

    • We cover temporary total disability resulting in loss of income
    • Pay for medical expenses as a result of an accident
    • Purchase of artificial appliances such as crutches
    • Payment of a final benefit for purposes of organizing funeral expenses