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Your employees are your greatest assets.
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What is Biashara Flexi Cover?

Protect your employees with our Biashara Flexi Cover that assures you peace of mind with a focus on increasing the productivity of your employees.
What's in it for you?
  • Life Cover
  • Permanent and Total Disability Cover

In the event of the death of the assured, Biashara Flexi provides payment as a multiple of salary or as a fixed amount. On Biashara Flex you get the following:

A woman sitting in a wheelchair
How does it work?

The policy provides a life cover to individual employees, their families and dependents ensuring they are financially secure in the unfortunate event of disability, sudden diagnosis of a critical illness or death.

A man sitting in a wheelchair behind his desk
Want to know more about the Biashara Flexi Cover?If you want to know more, we've answered a question you might have.

    No claim for a benefit under this policy will be admitted by the insurer if death or disability rises indirectly from:

    1. War or invasion of any kind
    2. Active participation in mutiny, riots and strikes
    3. Intentional self-injury or suicide
    4. Alcohol or drug abuse
    5. Medical or surgical treatment
    6. Participation in any hazardous sport such as bungee jumping
    7. Racing in a motorcycle or vehicle