Banking solutions
for Government
An account to help you collect fees, rates, bills, levies and taxes.

What is Government Collection Account?

For all counties, parastatals, CDFs, county SACCO, water and sanitation companies project groups, this is an account solution for you. We can be your designated agents for your collections easing function and bringing service closer to the people.
What's in it for you?
  • Helps with the collection of fees, rates, bills, levies & taxes
  • Fully manage collection by the way of establishing agency services in county office with Faulu staff
  • Remitting of payment to pay salaries and suppliers
  • Establish a fully integrated pay bill option. Alerting the payer and the receiving target company [water, KPLC]
  • Convenience, saving on personal cost. Funds security, efficient revenue collection
  • Debit card for fueling government vehicles
Government Collection account
How does it work?
  • This account is designed to facilitate easy and convenient collection of fees rates bills, levies, taxes, loading zone parking fees and management of scheme funds
  • Requirements to open an account? You need a resolution from governing body and Gazette notices
Government Collection account
Want to know more about Government Collection Account? If you want to know more, we've put together some frequently asked questions for you.

    The account is suitable for County, Parastatals, CDFs, County Sacco, Water and Sanitation Companies Project Groups.

    • Set-up (to non- Faulu account) - KES. 200
    • Processing (to no- Faulu account) - KES. 200
    • Processing (within) - KES. 200
    • STO unpaid due to insufficient funds - KES. 2000
    • STO amendment or stoppage - KES.300
    • KES equivalent for foreign currency

    It's free, however, these are the charges you should be aware of:

    • Cheque book charges at 15/- per leaf
    • Stop Payment charges - 500/-
    • Unpaid cheque charges – refer to drawer - KES 1,000/-