Making life, simpler!Manage your rental payments by
opening Faulu rental collection account.

What is Rent Collection Account?

Are you a landlord, a Real Estate agent or looking to be one? Our Rent Collection Account is the go-to solution to easily consolidate your rental payments which are instantly transferred.

What's in it for you?

  • Access to overdrafts
  • Real-time notifications on payment
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • You get two free statements annually on request
  • No monthly ledger fees
  • No account maintenance fees

How does it work?

To ensure maximized cash efficiency in your business, we have tailored cash management services to enable you to focus more on business generating activities. Let us help choose the right service for your real estate (rental) business, school, stores etc.

Want to know more about Rent Collection Account?

If you want to know more, we've put together some frequently asked questions for you.

    The minimum operating balance is KES. 2,000.

    You can earn interest of up to 5% p.a on average balances above Ksh. 2M.

    This account is suitable for house agents.

    Yes, you can withdraw a minimum of KES 100 Up to KES 500,000 and if you withdraw over KES 500,000, you will be charged interest of 0.2%.