It's fast and easyGet a short-term loan today for
unexpected emergencies that may arise.

What is Pesa Chap Chap Mobile Loan?

Access a short-term loan today through mobile phone. It is easy, fast and affordable.

What's in it for you?

  • You can use our mobile banking platform to get the loan by simply dialling *339# USSD
  • The application process is instant
  • You can get a minimum of KES. 300 and maximum of KES.10,000

How does it work?

  • People eligible for the loan are group clients with clean individual records of no arrears in the last 2 months on other loans other than Pesa Chap Chap
  • The loan term is between 1 to 10 days and the loan repaid through Hazina and Faulu Personal accounts

Want to know more about Pesa Chap Chap Loan?

If you want to know more, we've put together some frequently asked questions for you.
    • The emergency cash cannot be above 10% of LSF
    • Default clients cannot access the product for a period of 3 months
    • No con-current similar loan, one has to pay off completely an existing loan
    • SMS reminders will be weekly after the 10th day with pending balances
    • Loanee LSF tapping after 30 days

    You will be penalised 10% if no payment has been made after 10 days. We will charge KES 150 for late instalments.

    The repayment day is 1 to 10 days and the instalments are paid through Hazina and Faulu Personal accounts.