Let your money
work for you
With a Faulu high yield Investment Account

What is Faulu Investment Account?

Are you a corporate company seeking to diversify the investment of the funds you hold? This is the ideal account for you whether you are an Insurance Company, Fund Managers, Insurance Brokers, Investment Banks, Stockbrokers, MFIs or Saccos.

What's in it for you?

  • Access to a liquidity management solution
  • Reciprocating business i.e. Brokerage business for treasury bills, bonds and shares
  • High returns on your investment
  • Swift support on service requests with dedicated Relationship Management Team

How does it work?

  • This is an investment account that provides you with high returns
  • Interest is earned for amounts as low as Kes. 20,000

Want to know more about Faulu Investment Account?

We've answered some frequently asked questions for you.

    A statement shall be emailed monthly to the account signatories or their appointees.

    There are various ways to make deposits including; visiting any of our branches, inter-account transfers, RTGS, via standing order instructions or mobile deposits. Some products may limit which mode of making deposits best works for your type of business.

    You may make withdrawals by visiting any of our branches, using your ATM card at visa points, inter-account transfers and through mobile withdrawals. Some products may limit which mode of making withdrawals best works for your type of business.

    After 90 days of no activity, an account will be considered inactive. After 180 days of account inactivity, the account is considered dormant. You shall be required to request in writing to reactivate your account.

    Visit us at any of our 57 outlets and get to enjoy a range of financial solutions that are designed to help you effectively manage your finances and grow your wealth.

    With the Faulu Visa Debit Card you get to enjoy hassle-free transactions. The card allows you to access your funds via Visa branded ATMs and pay for goods and services at no charge at any Visa-branded merchants such as gas stations, supermarkets, hotels etc. Make your everyday spending simple and convenient!

    The Faulu Visa Debit Card benefits you with the following:

    • Free of charge transactions when you swipe at merchants
    • You get to enjoy safe and convenient transactions
    • The card allows you to track and control your spending
    • 24/7 access
    • Cash withdrawals via VISA branded points

    Get your money whenever and wherever you need it. We have a variety of options to help you move your money fast and conveniently:

    1. Mpesa withdrawal and deposit services
    2. Super agency Float service for the Mpesa Agent
    3. Western Union
    4. Telegraphic Transfers; EFT, RTGS and SWIFT transfers

    Our ATMs are available/accessible 24/7. The services available include:

    • Cash withdrawals
    • Account balance enquiry
    • Request for mini statements
    • Change debit card PIN
    • M-Pesa withdrawals

    Note:You may use your Faulu ATM card to make withdrawals at ANY Visa branded ATM.