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Faulu Faida Account

Faulu Faida Account is a high earning account for:

  • Employed and self-employed individuals
  • Institutions

* Parastatals,
* Schools,
* Churches
* NGOs
* Investment groups

  • Companies
  • County assemblies

Faulu Faida Account is available as call or fixed deposit option

Benefits of Faulu Faida Account
•    High yield savings account- up to 12% interest rate
•    One has options to invest their money from as short as minimum of 7 days up to 36 months.
•    Deposits from Ksh 5,000 to millions to enjoy the returns
•    Emergency credit of up to 10% of the invested amount.
•    Free funds transfer when needed.
•    Safe place to keep your money - Faulu is licensed by Central Bank of Kenya.
•    Convenient account opening process- Faulu agents can even come to your location

Requirements for Opening Faulu Faida Account

For Individuals: Complete account opening form

  • Original and copy of national ID or valid passport
  • 2 passport photos.

Registered Groups / Associations /Chamas

  • All as under individuals
  • Registration certificate
  • Constitution

Organizations  / Companies/ Businesses

  • All as under individuals
  • Certificate of registration memorandum & articles of association

Get to the nearest Faulu branch to Faulu (succeed) with the Faida Account today!

  1. To know your returns, SMS the word ‘FAIDA’ and amount to 0708 000111
  2. For Faida Account enquiries, Send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  3. Or Call 0708111000

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