Micro Insurance

Faulu Last Expense

Faulu last expense is a policy that will take care of your funeral expenses.

Product features

  • It is a funeral cover that helps families to manage the burden of meeting funeral expenses.
  • The principal members plus an additional for family members are covered.
  • If the members exceeds six an additional premium is payable.
  • Age limit is 18-75 years for the principle member.
  • The cover has a waiting period of three months but there is no waiting period for accidental death.
  • Children are covered up to age of 18 years or up to 24 years if they are in school.

Last Expense Claims

  • A claim is paid within 48 hours.
  • The cover ceases once a claim is paid and a new cover can be taken by the remaining family members.

Last Expense Benefits

  • Compensation within 48 hours.
  • Peace of mind due to funeral expenses.
  • All family members qualify for one.
  • Assured of descent send off.
  • Cover commences immediately for accidental death.
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