Our loan products are flexible affordable, convenient and accessible to meet your needs.

Benefits of Faulu Credit Products

1. Grace period on loans
2. Convenient loan repayment terms
3. Easy loan application process with a 12 hour processing duration
4. Interest discount of up to 25% for early repayment on group based loans
5. Top-up facility for Business and Check-off Loans
6. Multiple loans option to meet the needs of our group clients
7. Affordable interest rates
8. Training on business skills, life skills and financial literacy for group clients



  • Must be a Kenyan citizen with a valid national ID with:
    -  A business that has been in existence for at least 6 months OR
    -  A salaried person whose employer has agreed to do a check-off with Faulu OR
    -  An active savings account that is at least 6 months old
  • Group clients and individuals must undergo the Loan Orientation Seminar before accessing their first loan

Three options exist for our customers to enjoy our convenient loans:-

  • One can join our self-selecting co-guaranteeing groups
  • Use of a check-off facility based on employer contract/agreement with us
  • Use of own security for those with active savings accounts with us

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