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Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Our Vision

Giving Kenyans hope and a future

Giving - Proactively seeking to enrich others through service.
Kenyans - Belief in our people’s potential, home-grown indigenous solutions for Kenyans by Kenyans.
Hope- Motivation for optimism.
A Future- Facilitate the Fulfillment of Kenyans’ aspirations and dreams.

Our Mission

To listen and empower Kenyans by providing relevant financial solutions

To Listen- Actively engaging others with a view to know them better hence meet their needs
To Empower- Going beyond financial services by equipping with knowledge, skills and reaching out through VOC.
Relevant Financial Solutions - Financial products and services that respond to
customer needs.

Our Values

1. The Lordship of Jesus Christ
2. Listening
3. Learning
4. Excellence
5. Integrity

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