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Client Education
Client Education ‘Mawaidha’ in Faulu

Providing Customer Education, ‘Mawaidha’, is embedded within Faulu because of the realization that financial success must be supported by vibrant learning initiatives that seek to provide skills and knowledge that will result in the transformation of attitudes, mindsets and behavior. A transformed Kenyan, is well on his way to informed and sustainable success!

Faulu provides Business and Financial Education for its customer base and communities, to ensure that a customer is equipped to make the right financial decisions leading to true Success, in line with the Faulu spirit. These learning initiatives are provided internally and through Faulu Advisory Services, the subsidiary that focuses on client education and business development services.

Financial Education

Financial illiteracy is the inability to embrace a lifestyle of financial management ………where I learn, unlearn and relearn the secret to financial success!

Faulu is dedicated in promoting financial literacy among Kenyans, leading to the ability to budget, make wise saving decisions, ensure prudent debt and risk management and facilitate wise investment decisions, under the Masomo-Elewa Pesa initiative.

Business Education

Clients have the opportunity to develop skills in entrepreneurship, business management, book keeping, customer care and in addition to understanding how they can partner with Faulu to access relevant products to ensure business growth .Clients also have access to Value adding skills in bread, yogurt and mushroom preparation, mushroom growing, amongst other practical skills.

Client Testimonials on education in Faulu

‘I thought I knew everything about money until I attended Faulu’s training on Money and Financial management, and I realized that I knew in my head but did not manage my money well. I recommend that everyone attends the training! Client, Kongowea

‘After attending the training, I made up my mind to save Kshs 100 weekly. My financial life will never be the same again’ Client Changamwe
“I attended the training on financial management, ‘Elewa pesa’ where I learnt that my wasteful habits and lifestyle were robbing me of financial sucess….I have removed the holes in my pocket” Kitale Client
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